A company called OmegaFlex, Inc. sued the City of Lubbock on Friday in federal court, claiming the City’s restrictions on certain types of gas tubing are “unusual” and “not based on any industry standard.” 

City leaders in Lubbock banned certain types of the corrugated stainless steel gas tubing from being used in any new construction, after the tragic death of a young man seven years ago. Back in 2012, lightning struck a home and started a fire that ended with the death of Brennen Teel. Fire Marshals, at the time, blamed the fire in part on a type of this tubing.

Now, Omega Flex is suing the City for $75,000 dollars. For more information on the lawsuit, CLICK HERE

On Tuesday, Brennen Teel’s mother Becky said she still supports the City’s decision. 

“We have the utmost confidence in th Lubbock fire officials and the city to make the most appropriate decision to adopt a higher standard of safety for it’s residents in Lubbock,” Teel said. “To question the science and the city’s judgment can only be viewed as a play of power in the world of economics. It’s certainly not a decision based on safety.”

OmegaFlex, Inc. gave this statement to EverythingLubbock.com on Tuesday:

“Lubbock City Council’s decision to impose scientifically unsupported CSST gas piping product standards, and the prohibition on CSST products that meet national safety standards but do not meet the unreasonable Lubbock standard, effectively creates an unfair and dangerous monopoly.   OmegaFlex filed a lawsuit to break that monopoly that violates the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.  This is not about money – this is about restoring competition and ensuring Lubbock residents have choice and access to the safest and most economical CSST options.”