Neighbors fear for safety after stabbing in broad daylight

LUBBOCK, TX - A man is recovering in the hospital with serious injuries after he was stabbed late Tuesday morning. Officers on the scene said a man was stabbed while walking to the park with his fiancee.
 Police said in a statement that it appeared an SUV stopped near the intersection at 39th Street and Avenue N where two male passengers got out. Police said those two men confronted the victim and then stabbed him. 
This all happening during broad daylight, while kids were just blocks away at a nearby restaurant. 
Neighbors in the area are now shaken up by the incident, saying things like this do not usually happen in their neighborhood. 
"It's scary because you expect this at night, not in the daytime," said a neighbor, Sylvia Izeta. 
Izeta received a call from her daughter alerting her that a stabbing had happened in her neighborhood. 
"It scared me. It really scared me. I'm always outside with my dog. I'm here by myself all day long," said Izeta. "It's terrible, you know?"
So far, no arrests have been made, and Izeta said she won't feel safe until the people who did this are in jail. 
"I want this neighborhood to go back the way it was," she said.




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