A Lubbock man was charged with Aggravated Kidnapping after he and another suspect, armed with a gun, demanded a Texas Tech student to drive them around town as they appeared to try to commit crimes.

The victim, a male Texas Tech student, told Texas Tech Police that two males abducted him at gun point and forced him to give them money.

In the police report, the victim told officers the two suspects said they had traveled to Lubbock from Oklahoma, and were with a female in town. The victim “advised the males stated the female stole their money, and the males were trying to find money to get back home.”

The victim said the incident took place in the early morning hours of November 17, 2015. He said the suspects tried to take his car, but decided he would drive them because it was a standard transmission.

The victim “then drove the men around because they wanted to steal a car,” the police report said. Officers were notified that they stole his credit cards and cell phone.

One of those men, according to TTPD, was Dacorious Mooreing, 21.

Mooreing was arrested on a probation violation, “and was interviewed by them in reference to an unrelated case.”

After driving around campus, they moved to the area near 58th Street and Avenue J. Records show they navigated to McDonald’s at 50th and Interstate 27, where the two suspects “considered jumping a man who was sleeping in his Camaro. [The victim] stated the men decided not to jump the male, and had him drive them back to campus.”

“He said they eventually ended up back on Avenue Q. He said they came back towards campus. He said they stopped in the Broadway and University area to wait on the driver of a Mercedes SUV, so the suspects could steal it. He said they left after 10 minutes,” records indicated.

Mooreing and the other suspect saw a text conversation between the victim and another man, and asked if “he had money and [the victim] told them yes.”

The victim alerted the man that the suspects had a gun, and together they got away from the suspects.

Officers reviewed security footage from the dorms and local businesses, and interviewed witnesses, and recovered fingerprints from the vehicle, enabling them to identify the two suspects.

Police said the cell phone was recovered in a bar ditch near Uvalde Avenue and the Marsha Sharp Freeway.

Records showed a Crime Line tip was received on the case.

“The person who called in the tip was interviewed,” the police report said. “She said she heard ‘On the streets’ Dacorious Mooreing was one of the suspects involved in this case.”

“Dacorious Mooreing was interviewed about this case and denied any involvement in it. On a later date an examination and comparison of latent prints revealed that they matched the prints of Dacorious Mooreing,” TTPD said.

After being interviewed a second time, Mooreing admitted to the crime, and identified a second suspect to police.

Other charges of Aggravated Robbery and Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse were being investigated, court documents said.

Mooreing was being held at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling approximately $250,000.