New owner takes over Coronado Apartments, plans for non-profit


For years, controversey has surrounded the Coronado Apartments (sometimes known as the Pondarosa Apartments) in East Lubbock. The apartments have been abandoned for years and created a huge safety risk for the community in the area, which is why Codes Enforcement ordered the place to be torn down. But now new owners have taken over the property, giving the property another shot at success. 

These new owners have a vision for the property hoping to rennovate the buildings and convert them into a homes for foster kids. 

“I have a dream to see kids. I see homes, I see smiling faces here,” said Angela Ferrazas. She’s the property manager of the apartments across the street from the Coronado Apartments. When the non-profit is official, she’ll be on the board. 

That non profit will be called Foster Home of West Texas. It’s goal will be to home local foster kids so they can stay in the same schools and be near family instead of having to move to a different city or state because of the CPS system. 

“So we’re back at square one at Coronado,” said Code Enforcement’s administrator Stuart Walker. 

Codes Enforcement said because it’s a new owner on the deed, all the previous city orders for demolotion on the property no longer exist. But the dozens of code violations are still there. 

“In my opinion, the whole property needs to raised,” Walker said. “I don’t see anyone going in and trying to remodel and bring it back up to minimum housing standards in the shape that it’s in.”

There’s no doubt, the city and the apartments have a long history and although the city didn’t know about the non-profit plans. The new owners hope they can move forward to create something better for Lubbock. 

“I don’t want people to think, it’s the east side of town, it’s the old Pondarosa apartments. I want it to be that’s what it was. Now it’s this life changing for kids,” Ferrazas said. 

The owners have owned the property since October so Codes Enforcement said if they don’t start cleaning up soon they could face more violations. 

We will keep you updated on the status of the non-profit and the Coronado Apartments. 

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