District 19 candidate Jodey Arrington picked up a major endorsement in his bid for Congress. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced Monday he would support Arrington in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Arrington, the former Vice Chancellor of Texas Tech and a member of the Bush Administration, faces Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson in the run-off on May 24. The two opponents are vying for the seat of Randy Neugebauer, after the Congressman announced he would not seek re-election.

“[Jodey] understands how the state and federal government are supposed to work together,” Perry said. “He’s a limited government type of guy. Federal government is supposed to do a few things, [and] do those few things really well. Leave everything else to the states. We know best how to educate our children. That’s the kind of leadership I want in Washington D.C. and Jodey Arrington will deliver that.”

“I am tremendously honored,” Arrington said. “For the campaign, it’s huge. This is a man that knows something about public service. This is a man that knows something about leadership. Leading the great state of Texas as governor longer than anybody in the history of Texas. He also has roots in West Texas, so this isn’t just a trip back to West Texas – it’s a trip back home.”

“[Perry’s] mom and dad still live in the district, so he’s got a little skin in this game, and for all those reasons, he loves and appreciates and understands all the challenges that are unique to rural America,” Arrington added.

Perry appeared with Arrington on the West Texas Drive radio program on KRFE AM 580 Monday afternoon where the topics ranged from state and national politics, to agriculture and energy.

“I always judge people not by how they perform when the wind is behind their back and it’s blue skies and smooth sailing. But how does somebody perform when they’ve fallen down and they’ve failed at something. And I’ve seen in both personal and professional ways, Jodey had his challenges before and to see how he handled himself,” Perry said.

“This isn’t to speak of anybody else in any other light at all, this is all about him. I’m for Jodey Arrington,” he added.

In an exchange with radio host Cliff Wilkes, Perry poked fun at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

“‘Make America Great again?’ I kinda like, ‘Why can’t we make America more like Texas’?” Perry said. “That’s a great point. Make America like Texas. That’s a great campaign slogan,” Wilkes added.

“That’d make a good lookin’ baseball cap,” replied Perry.

“I’ll make em’ up and get you one,” Wilkes responded.

Arrington expressed his gratitude for the ringing endorsement of the man who served as Texas’ Governor for almost 15 years.

“To have that proven track record of conservative leadership and the roots in West Texas and then have him put his name with mine and my team and my family – you know it’s a proud day for me and for our team,” Arrington said.

Robertson, Arrington’s opponent, said he wasn’t surprised by the endorsement.

“Anytime you get a major endorsement, it’s very gratifying,” Robertson said. “This endorsement doesn’t really surprise me.”

“Jodey has ties to that old crowd,” Robertson explained, adding on to his prior claims of his competitor being a “Washington insider.”

Perry, who endorsed Ted Cruz in the presidential election, visited a class at Texas Tech as part of his West Texas trip. He had a scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for Arrington Monday evening.