Police chase ends through homeowner’s backyard


LUBBOCK, Texas– Imagine sleeping off a cold at home, only to wake up to your child yelling that there’s a stranger in your backyard, and all of a sudden your home is the site of a police pursuit. That’s exactly what happened to a Central Lubbock resident Sunday night.

Israel Perez said his daughter made eye contact with a stranger through the window before alerting her dad. He quickly grabbed his gun and headed to the backyard to confront the man hiding in his dog yard.

“I come around, open the door and was met by a trooper,” said Perez.

He quickly realized DPS was attempting to catch and apprehend the second of two men who fled on foot after leading them on a car pursuit through Central Lubbock Sunday night.

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According to Perez, the trooper had his gun pointed at the suspect when Perez came out. To avoid miscommunication, Perez identified himself as the homeowner. He then helped in any way he could.

“I knew right off the back I have to act now,” said Perez.

DPS said they were able to apprehend who they believe was the driver of the vehicle near a residence in Clapp Park. However, after placing the suspect in the police vehicle, they say that same suspect escaped.

Perez said officers searched his yard and located bags of drugs and money. On Monday afternoon, Perez found remnants of the drug in his backyard.

“My kids come out and find this or my dog eats this. What are you going to say? What are you going to say? Oh, I’m sorry?” Perez said. “I hope they catch him.”

Throughout the incident, Perez said his biggest concern was for his children.

“This is my house and I will defend it.”

The suspect is still on the run. Call police immediately if you have any information on his whereabouts.

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