Last year saw record-breaking losses from hail damage, costing Texas homeowners more than ever before.

According new numbers from the Texas Department of Insurance, hail damages to residential property totaled over $5 billion. Combined wind damage and hail losses also set a record at nearly $6 billion. These numbers are up from 2015, where we saw only $1.9 billion.

“2016 was by far the worst year Texas has ever had on record in hail damage,” Insurance Council of Texas spokesman Mark Hanna said.  “We topped the 5 billion mark.. that’s worse than any state has ever had.”

These numbers don’t even include auto damage, which raises the total over a billion dollars. Local repair shops said from what they’ve seen after recent storms, they expect this year to be even worse.

Jason Davis of Davis Dent Repair has been in the business over 20 years, but this year stands out.

“We’ve never actually been this busy since I’ve been in business,” Jason Davis said. “There’s a lot more this year. I mean, a lot more storms hit a lot more cities, which obviously did a lot more localized damage in those areas.”

Davis has seen customers who came all the way from Denver City and Odessa.

Insurance experts say they don’t expect 2017 to be quite as costly.

“Moving on to this year we’ve noticed that West Texas and the Panhandle continue to get pounded by hail,” Hanna said. “Here we are in July. The spring storm season.. our roughest months are using in April and May.  It looks very promising right now that maybe we are through the rough part of our weather.”

So far this year, they have only seen over a billion dollars in losses.

After a costly storm in El Paso in November last year, though, they aren’t making any definitive calls yet.

“In Texas you just never know when you are going to get bad weather, but hopefully we are going to coast through the rest of this year.”