Some neighbors in Tech Terrace are worried, after several reports of a man exposing him and making lewd gestures in their neighborhood. 

Grant Gerlich serves as the President of the Tech Terrace U.N.I.T Neighborhood Association. He said there have been multiple posts on the Nextdoor app about it. 

A few weeks ago, police arrested a young man named Johnathan Phillip Lopez for indecent exposure. Police reports stated he exposed himself in public and was touching himself inappropriately. He’s still being held in the Lubbock County jail. 

Gerlich said there have been more posts since then concerning similar incidents. He said last week, he was out walking his dogs when he saw a white car weaving up and down the streets near his home. 

“I thought it was kind of odd but didn’t think much of it. Then, about two minutes later a young lady comes up to me and says, ‘Are you going to be walking your dogs around the park again?’ I’m like ‘No, I live right over here.’ Then, she said, ‘there’s a small white car that’s been following me,” Gerlich explained. 

After he heard the man rolled down his window and tried to confront the woman, Gerlich offered to walk with her up a few blocks to where her husband was jogging ahead of them. 

“She was freaking out,” Gerlich said. “Yeah, she was concerned and for good reason.” 

He said he’s worried it’s becoming a pattern. 

“It seems to be persistent. This is like, over here, over there, over on Elgin,” Gerlich said. “Be aware of what’s going on. Notice things. If you think something is strange or odd, it probably is strange or odd.”  

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