Smoke From Panhandle Fires Covers Lubbock

LUBBOCK TX - Smoke from fires in the Panhandle covered the Hub City Tuesday.

LISD canceled recess and kept the kids inside.

"It doesn't matter if they have problems or not, this is just not good for anybody to breathe," Student Health Services Coordinator Paulette Rozneck said.

It's a decision Rozneck said parents seemed to be happy with.

"We've gotten numerous calls from the parents to the nurses clinics asking that they don't send their child out to school, and the nurses were able to reassure them that the school is taking care of them and won't be letting the students out today."

Covenant Dr. Stan Garrett said even though smoke came from fires as far as New Mexico, the effects of that smoke could be as dangerous as if the fires were in Lubbock.

"It's important for the adults who have emphysema, chronic obstructive or pulmonary disease...the smoke will cause their disease to worsen with breathing difficulties," Garrett said, "Then we'll have all age groups, especially children with asthma...it's  going to cause flares in their asthma."

Even Texas Tech students fought the smoke on the way to class.

"It was kind of hazy, we were just driving around, and it was hard to see, but it was weird," Sebastian Aviles said.

On a day like Tuesday, Rozneck said the well-being of the students comes first.

"That's our main goal, is to keep all of our students safe, we're very much concerned about their health and safety and this is just one way to go about doing that."

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