A Shallowater man and his buddy were driving his pick-up when they got an unwelcome visitor Sunday.

Swade Moyers and his friends Zakary Wyatt were traveling for work, when they said they got an unwelcome visitor and screamed like girls.

“Swade threw his hands up and said “Oh my gosh” and I said “What, dude?” Wyatt said, “And his truck is a little fancy, so I thought maybe his steering wheel shocked him or something…then he pointed at the windshield and said “Look!” and there was a snake…we both acted like girls after that.”

“I was speechless,” Moyers said, “He asked me what was going on and I couldn’t really tell him. So I pointed at the windshield, and apparently he’s as scared of snakes as I am.”

Worried their visitor might enter the truck through an air vent, Moyers and Wyatt turned their hazard lights on and took the proper precautions.

“I set my cruise control, and put my feet back as far as I could. Just to keep from…just to keep my feet free I guess,” Moyers said.

“It was game on. We picked up anything we could have, which was an umbrella,” Wyatt said, “We were looking at A/C vents and the pedals. I had pedal-duty, and he had cruise-control and steering duty…it was on.”

When they thought it was over, the snake came back for more.

“We made an attempt to pull off the side of the road again, and he eventually got off the truck and we got out of there as quick as we could,” Moyers said.

The pair said the best part of their new-found fame? Was bringing a smile to others’ faces.

“We got a message from someone in Fort Hood, saying a bunch of soldiers were enjoying our video,” Wyatt said, “Knowing that we gave somebody a better Monday when Mondays are usually pretty bad, just makes it all worth it.