A Texas Tech student is thankful for her security system after she got a notification that someone was on her property early Tuesday morning.

Ashley Fowler said at first she didn’t think anything of it because they live on the corner and cars are frequently driving by.

However, when she opened up the Ring Doorbell app, she could clearly see a man staring through her window and she immediately called 9-1-1.

“He was ten feet away from me from where the window was to where I was sitting in my living room,” Fowler said. “My heart literally dropped to my stomach.”

Although the suspect did not stay for long, she said she quickly ran to her roommate’s closet to hide while waiting for police to arrive.  

“My first thought was oh my god, I’m alone,” Fowler said.

Fowler said the part that makes her nervous, is that it was her bedroom window.

“You see him looking through the window for a weird amount of time,” Fowler said.

Her roommate, Emily Rodgers, who was not home at the time also says she feels uncomfortable by the situation, and that it is an invasion of privacy.

“The fact that it was the bedroom, and that’s obviously a very private place for a person,” Rodgers said.

For any details involving the suspect in the video surveillance, call crime line at 741-1000.