Taekwondo Professional Says Self Defense Could Save A Life


Big Sky Taekwondo said Monday it’s not just your physical ability that can help you take on an attacker. While some of the moves may look daunting, they said anyone can do them.

“You have to assume the attacker’s always going to be bigger and stronger, that’s just the mentality we have, the person’s going to be bigger and stronger,” Big Sky Taekwondo Owner Jay White said.

White said anyone can learn simple moves to watch their back, including children. White said the moves can help, even if you’re faced with a weapon.

“We’re trying to teach the mindset of, it’s not just the defense, but it’s what happens before you have to defend yourself. You have a very limited window of opportunity to defend yourself.”

The mindset? Victor over victim. White said if there’s a means of escape, take it. As a former police officer, he knows that’s not always possible.

“People didn’t want to go to jail if they needed to be taken to jail. So having to go hands-on with them– I started realizing, well, there’s also a need for that in people’s personal lives.”

While self-defense may take some time and practice to pick up, the results could be life-saving.

“I can’t express enough how important being able to defend yourself is. You know, even kids are doing it. But in today’s generation, today’s environment, kids are still being bullied…even adults are attacking children,” White said, “And they need to be able to voice that and let them know, ‘Hey, that’s not okay.”

Big Sky Taekwondo offers a co-ed self defense class every Monday night at 7 p.m. The cost is $15.

Visit their website at: http://www.martialartslubbock.com/

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