Texas Tech police say the campus carry law makes Tech safer

LUBBOCK, Texas - Campus carry has been law in Texas for two years now, and Texas Tech police say the law makes the university a safer place.

They say the policy even deters potential active shooters from attempting a mass shooting situation.

“I believe it makes the campus a safer place, to live, learn and educate,” said Amy Ivey, a lieutenant at the Texas Tech Police Department.

Tech police say in a potential active shooter situation, someone might be able to stop it if they are armed.

“I like to think we're no longer a targeting opportunity for any such event, such as active shooter, because they know if they come on campus, there could be a potential for an individual to be able to stop the active shooting,” Ivey said.

Students, faculty and staff must go through active shooter training.

“We actually do a hands-on part where we barricade doors, we show you how to go hands-on with weapons, how to defend yourself and also a truncated training on how to stop the bleed, so that way, all of our faculty, staff and students are prepared if an event does happen here on campus,” Ivey said.

Some students say they feel safer in class.

“I do feel safe knowing that there are people that will act upon,” said Tech student Cody Wheeler. “If they have their concealed carry, and they see something going, they'll feel the need to go step in.”

Experts say if you are going to carry a weapon on campus, keep it on you at all times.

"With the knowledge that if you are going to carry it in a purse or a backpack, that it has to remain on your person,” said Scott Harmon, a license to carry instructor. “You can't come in and sit down in your seat and drop it on the floor because it's separated from you, and you have no control over that gun at that point.”

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