LUBBOCK, Texas — The excitement was contagious as Texas Tech fans gave Coach Mark Adams a warm welcome at Tuesday’s press conference at the United Supermarkets Arena.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Tech basketball — and Red Raider Nation couldn’t be more excited to see what the new coach will bring to the table.

“I’m pumped I’m ecstatic, like couldn’t be happier with the decision,” said Tech fan David Mueller.

“This was the best choice they could’ve made and I think it’s home,” said fan Taylor Szymanski.

After losing Coach Chris Beard to one of their biggest rivals, a West Texas native like Coach Adams was just what the Red Raiders needed.

“I mean he’s a hometown guy,” said Raider Riot’s Vice President Mia Gibaszek. “We’ve had him all the time that I’ve been here, I think it’s great honestly.”

Fans said they’re also looking forward to having a Tech alum as their coach.

“I actually really love that he’s loyal to West Texas and Texas Tech. It means a lot to me being a fan and a student here,” said fan Dade Mumaw.

Other fans said they’re excited to see what this will mean for Tech’s defense.

“I think we got the best deal out of the two,” said fan Justin Thornhill. “I think Mark Adams is a defensive mastermind.”

“By all the fan support and support from former players you can see that he was the right hire to make,” said fan Keith Donaghe. “You see former players reaching out all the time saying that he was the defensive mastermind behind this team’s success.”

Fans said that Coach Adams has been an important part of making the basketball program successful.

“We’re all happy that we’re keeping it in house,” said Raider Riot CEO Michael Di-Benedetto. “I think the culture that we built here is really hard to replicate from getting some one outside.”

“We kept the local guy, kept the guy that made Texas Tech great, helped make the defense elite,” said Raider Riot’s co-chair of recruitment Casey Orsak.

Despite Beard leaving, fans said that starting this new era in Tech basketball with coach Adams will only make them stronger.