Texas Tech student returns for senior year after battle with blindness

“I woke up partially blind on Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016,” said Colin Baxter, a senior at Texas Tech. 
The 22-year-old from Alba, Texas, says he knew something was wrong that day.
“And I still stumbled across campus to class that morning,” Baxter said. 
He decided to go to the doctor. Then, he was rushed to the hospital.
After a number of tests, they found a brain tumor.
“The next day, they stuck a tube in the top of my head to drain spinal fluid, the tumor blocked the flow of it, through my head and because it was building up, it was pressing up against my optic nerve which was causing me to go blind and could cause even more damage,” Baxter said.
He underwent a 14-hour surgery to remove part of the tumor.
“I woke up from the surgery on Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, and I was totally blind and have been ever since then,” Baxter said. 
But that didn’t stop him from continuing his education, packing up his bags and heading back to Tech this fall.
“Before I went into surgery, I told the doctors, ‘I paid too much for my history classes, so I better remember [that],’” Baxter said. 
Baxter doesn’t go to class alone.
When asked if he had ever met his soulmate, he responded, “yes, his name is Chase.”
“He’s yellow and furry and 65 pounds. I told you I had my brain surgery on October 17, 2016, and I woke up two days later on the 19th,” Baxter said. “The day I woke up from my surgery completely blind was the day Chase was born.”
He stays positive and is ready to finish his senior year.
“Being a history major, I’m not the first blind person and I won’t be the last, so it’s just kind of making a conscious decision, you can be angry or disappointed and I’m just happy to be alive,” Baxter said.

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