Texas Tech fans are known for creating one of the most hostile environments in all of college football and that includes the “tortilla throwing” tradition at kickoff as seen at the game this weekend.

However, as we found out today, many students don’t even know why they’re tossing the food in the first place, including Hannah Plagens.

“I’ve actually had a lot of people ask me that aren’t from Tech, but I don’t know what the history is or anything,” said Plagens.  “I have no idea.”

Although most students have no idea why they toss tortillas at kickoff, they know it’s tradition and will do anything not to break it.

“Before you walk in they check people’s boots and purses for tortillas so some sneak one in,” said Plagens.  “At the SFA game threw a lot of tortillas at the opposing team so it was really fun.”

Chris Snead was a student when the “tortilla tossing” tradition began 24 years ago.

“They were flying all over the place in 1989,” said Snead.  “The concession stand offered a handled 44 oz. mug of Coca-Cola and it had a lid on it.”

Snead said by the second half the lids started to fly.

“Consequently the next home game the lids were gone and the very next game after that the first tortillas started to fly.”

They chose tortillas he said because they were round and flew like the lids did. 

“I think people thought how cool it was to see the lids fly through the stadium and it was really kind of a cool thing.”

Snead said although it has caused problems in the past, he said it has turned into an innocent ritual.

There were some very vengeful people who would put ketchup or mustard on them,” said Snead.  “We actually one game received a 15 yard penalty for tortillas. I mean in the last decade it’s really kind of dropped off and it’s probably one of those traditions best left to the former alumni and every now and then it’s nice to see a tortilla fly.”

Outside food is prohibited inside Jones AT&T Stadium.

If caught throwing a tortilla in the stadium you risk the chance of being thrown out.