A normal night turned tragic for a family of four, when a black truck barreled into their home early Saturday morning.

“Keep the lady and kids in prayers. They are very devastated,” said Vanessa Argouello, a neighbor of the family. 

The truck sped down 111th Street toward Indiana Avenue, when it hit a Camaro and lost control. The car swerved off the road, colliding into the living room of the home. 

The two suspects got out of the vehicle and took off on foot, said witnesses. Two days later and the suspects were still at large. 

On Sunday afternoon, the mother of three children hoped that the police will catch the suspects because “they left their family without a home,” said Argouello. 

Argouello is thankful for her kids safety.

“Honest thankfulness because it could have been our house, with our boys on the floor underneath the truck.”

Meanwhile, inches away from the scene that evening, a little girl was sleeping in her room, unaware of what was about to transpire. 

“She did not really understand what was going on. She’s really scared to go into her room because she’s scared a truck will go into her room. So we are trying to ease her back in,” said Ashley Aragon, the next door neighbor whose daughter’s room was hit. 

She says the fire department insured everyone’s safety in what was an accident-turned crime scene that morning. 

The families encouraged people to slow down and drive carefully… for the safety of the community.