Two vehicles stolen from front of home


Tina Rogers and her three kids had breakfast and were ready to get to school and work until they opened the door and realized two of their vehicles were gone.

“I look out and the garage is open, both cars gone and my heart sunk,” Rogers said.

The shock not wearing off, as Rogers ran inside to tell her husband and call police.

“I started crying and ran to the bathroom and I told my husband, hey our cars are gone and he ran out here and of course my 11 year old is crying,” Rogers said.

Rogers said the thieves got into the garage in the middle of the night and drove away. Neighbors also have surveillance video of the two cars driving off.

“Mine was a 2019 Dodge Charger GT and his is a 2019 lack Dodge Ram,” Rogers said. “I mean we worked so hard to get what we have and to walk out one morning and just see them gone.”

Police found the charger and called to let them know.

“Going to the wrecker, of course they take you back there and as soon as I got there and got to see it I just lost it,” Rogers said.

However, a family member spent hours driving around town looking for the truck and found it at an apartment complex.

“How she found it I have no idea, even when we got the call, we were like what is this, and sure enough off to the corner underneath covered parking there it was,” Rogers said.

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