An Arkansas native purchased a car from Reagor Dykes in Levelland back in July, but like other customers, he felt the aftermath of the company’s bankruptcy. To help other victims speak out, Jeremy Malin, created the Facebook page ‘Victims of Reagor-Dykes Fraud.’

“Social media is a pretty strong platform and for victims like myself who don’t have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars tied up in this. The prospect of hiring an attorney isn’t really feasible,” said Malin. 

Because he did not receive his paper work from the dealership, Malin said he lost $1,000, an opportunity for a decrease in his tax liability on his car, and accrued a $400 penalty by the state of Arkansas. Being from another state, he said he was left in the dark and had to find out via the internet what was going on. He intends to make it better for others through the page.

“I hope the other victims will be able to find recourse through all of this, that they will be able to find avenues that satisfy their financial loss and deal with it,” said Malin. 

The page is meant to share information on the latest court hearings, share success stories and present measures people can take to get their money or titles. 

Fernando Bustos, a lawyer with Bustos Law Firm, P.C. and the lawyer for Vista Bank, agreed the page is a good idea.

“Social media is a great way for people to share information, talk about their stories and share ideas,” said Bustos.

However, in Tuesday’s court hearing, “the bankruptcy court approved a motion to allow a stalking horse bid to come in place and buy all Reagor Dykes assets, assume dealerships and continue operations… The bids to buy these dealerships contains a considerable amount of money for unsecured claims,” said Bustos. 

This means customers have a chance to reclaim their money if they file a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court.

Click here for the Facebook page.