Winds knock down cinder block wall at Floydada construction site for new school


The weather on the South Plains can change in an instant, which can lead to major damage. Last week, the region had some pretty strong wind gusts, so strong in fact, it caused some damage to Floydada ISD’s secondary school construction project. 

“We live in West Texas. We’re going to have lots of wind and sometimes we sustain wind damage,” said Floydada ISD superintendent Gilbert Trevino. 

Strong winds from last week knocked down a wall that was roughly 50 feet in length and two stories high. The wall, which was made up of cinder block and cement, crashed to the ground on Friday afternoon. 

The construction site affected is the future Floydada Secondary School, set to open May of 2020. Thankfully, no one was injured and the damage only set the schedule back a few weeks. 

 “We’ve asked them to double up on crews to make up some time,” Trevino said. 

In the meantime, Floydada administrators are monitoring the progress from outside the construction zone. 

“It’s just disappointing to see because it’s exciting when they start to build the walls up this high and then just to watch the damage, I feel somewhat disappointed in that,” he said. 

This week, crews are working to clean up the mess before they can start to rebuild. Engineers are on scene this week as well to make sure the structural integrity is still good on the remaining walls. 

Floydada ISD said insurance will cover the costs of the fallen wall so it won’t come out of school budget. And construction workers are now building the walls with steel beams in place before building the walls. 

Mr. Trevino sent a letter to students, parents and staff when the wall initially fell. Here’s a copy of that letter: 

The high winds on Friday afternoon caused damage at the construction site for the new Floydada High School Building. Most importantly, no one on site was injured. The winds caused a section of the east exterior wall along with a section of the north exterior wall to the building to come crashing down. The sections did not have enough bracing and the steel columns to support the sections had not been placed yet in those areas. While this is unfortunate, it’s not uncommon. Walls are not constructed to stand alone and are part of an entire system that provides support and stability to a building. This part of the construction project is in its infancy so it lacked the support needed to withstand the high winds we experienced this afternoon.
The block laying company and the construction management company both had insurance adjusters on site on Monday to assess the damage. An engineer is set to come out today or tomorrow to further assess the damage and check the sections that were not damaged to ensure structural integrity. The block laying company will demolish a section of the north wall back to the joint and begin rebuilding the exterior walls again, this time with steel columns in place.
We have asked that additional crews be sent out to make up for the lost time due to the wind damage. The construction management company is Knox, Gailey, & Meador, both from Lubbock, Tx.
Dr. Gilbert Trevino

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