He loves tennis, and she loves makeup, and they teamed up for their dream to come true.

“Cemmiyah is the oldest, she’s 15 and Lavantae is 14,” said mom Stephanie Richardson.

Cemmiyah and Lavantae Richardson were born with sickle cell anemia.

It’s something they battle everyday.

“It’s a blood disorder that affects them in multiple ways. It’s life threatening and they deal with it daily, they have a lot of pains daily,” said Stephanie Richardson.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, they’re getting a break from doctor’s visits and everyday life to buy some of their favorite things.

It all started with a limo ride from their home in Brownfield to several stops around Lubbock.

“Our first stop was Ulta,” said Lavantae Richardson, Wish Kid.

“Yeah, Ulta. How did I forget? It was pretty fun,” said Cemmiyah Richardson, Wish Kid.

Then over to Best Buy where they both picked out electronics and new phones.

Over at Walter’s World of Pets they got a few new additions to the family.

“I’m going to get a bunny and two hamsters,” said Cemmiyah​​​​​​​.

“Oh my gosh, I think we’re going to get like three. I don’t know where she’s going to put all these animals,” said Stephanie.

Their last stop, the South Plains Mall where they bought clothes, shoes, and video games.

“Well the bond is real strong between the two of them. I’m glad they’re getting to do this. It’s going to be special to have them cherish forever,” said Stephanie.

“We’re just thankful that we were able to get a wish,” said Lavantae.

If you’d like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation just give them a call at 806-785-9474.