A Lubbock woman was arrested for abandonment or neglect of a child on Friday, everythinglubbock.com has learned.  

Kristina Marie Kizer, 29, was able to post bond to be released from jail on Saturday.  Court records filed on Monday said there was an investigation by Children’s Protective Services in the 2100 block of 65th Street. 

CPS was told of unsanitary conditions and went to the home to investigate. 

According to civil court records, the investigation revealed, “There were approximately twenty eight dogs, twenty cats, two chickens and a lizard.  The home was covered in animal feces and a health and safety hazard to the children.”

Court records said, “Mrs. Kizer stated she had been rescuing animals for a while and it just got a little out of hand.” 

Police and Lubbock Animal Control Services were both called.  Kizer was asked to release the animals to ACS.  EverythingLubbock.com asked ACS for information but was told “no comment.”

Court records said some of the animals in the home were malnourished.  Court records also repeatedly said the smell of urine and feces was overwhelming.  Investigators described it as being bad enough to take their breath away.

“Due to her medical condition she felt there were days where she couldn’t clean up the mess and next thing she knew it was out of control,” court records said. “By that time, she stated she was too embarrassed to call someone for help.”

There were also mosquitoes, gnats, and flies in the home.  A child’s bed in the home was covered in feces, dog hair and cat hair.  The sheets of a second child’s bed were covered in animal feces and urine.  Every child’s room in the home had animal feces and trash to some degree or another, according to court records. 

All the children in the home were previously adopted, according to court records.  

CPS told a judge in court records that every effort would be made to get improvements in Kizer’s home so that the children could eventually come back and be safe. 

CPS temporarily took the kids.  CPS also asked a judge to keep the kids in CPS care for the time being.

EverythingLubbock.com reached out to police for more information.  An update will be provided if more information is released. No attorney for Kizer was listed in court records.

*Note: Court records listed the address in the 2100 block of 65th Street.  The jail booking sheet said it was the 2100 block of 65th Place.