Woman stabbed 17 times in parking lot of Snow’s Party House


Police said Monea Burtraw was stabbed 17 times at Snow’s Party House located at 1704 East 4th St. If it wasn’t for Army Pfc. D’Marcus Ranson, she might not be here today.

Realizing how close she came to death, she said she is thankful to be with her family.

“There was a point in time where I didn’t want to fight to breathe anymore, cause the whole time I was trying to breathe,” Burtraw said. “I couldn’t put my dad in that position, so it was kinda like I had no choice but to fight.”

Burtraw said she got into an argument with another woman outside of Snow’s Party House and the woman pulled a knife and began stabbing her. Police said hundreds of people watched the altercation.

Burtraw said if it hadn’t have been for Ranson, who is on leave, she wouldn’t be alive today.

“Took off my shirt and applied pressure to the first wound I saw, which was on her stomach,” Ranson said. “And then I saw the one on her neck, and took my other shirt off and applied pressure and held her in my left arm.”

Her family said they rushed to the hospital, waiting to hear from doctors.

Ranson said he sat in the waiting room with her family to hear about her condition and it felt like forever.

“I’m thinking the whole time, is she alive, is she going to make it,” Ranson said. “Crazy thing is, I didn’t even wanna step out that night, but I guess stuff happens for a reason.”

If you’d like to donate to her medical expenses, visit www.facebook.com/donate/340402120019247.

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