LUBBOCK, Texas — On Easter Sunday, hundreds of folks came together at Butler Park for Easter on the East – a massive egg hunt and celebration. The event was hosted by Eastside Unity, a community group that supports rebuilding and rejuvenating East Lubbock.

The Easter egg hunt was open to folks all throughout Lubbock. Kids searched for eggs containing candy and others with cash up to $300.

“I found $100 and I’m just very excited and thankful,” said 14-year-old Zryan Robinson. “I was just thankful that these people could come out with this money and then let us come out at one time to do this.”

Three lucky kids found three special eggs — one with $100, another $200 and the top prize with $300.

“Everything that you see was done for free,” said Phyllis Gant, one the event coordinators with Eastside Unity. All that came to the event didn’t have to pay a dime because all the money was raised by the community.

The event has been a tradition every year in East Lubbock. However, it was sadly canceled last year due to COVID-19. They almost had to cancel it this year, but fortunately, the community stepped up in the nick of time.

“In a matter of three days, I can’t even tell you the amount of money that was raised,” said Gant.

She estimates that they were able to raise about $7,000.

“The community put that money out there to do that,” said Gant. “We had a $300 egg that a young lady found, we had a $200 egg, we had a $100 egg, we had about 20 $20 eggs, and I mean, it’s just money all over the field. And to watch these little kids find those eggs and candy in that. It’s just been awesome.”

Event coordinators said that they hope this will encourage more of the Lubbock community to see the east side in a different light.

“It’s not always bad things happening over here, as people think that they are,” said Natasha Kinney, another coordinator. “We do have good people over here. And the community did a very good job, they donated. It happened real fast, happened faster than we thought it was going to happen. And we appreciate what everybody, what they put in, and we’re doing it for the kids – it’s here for the kids.”

Eastside Unity said they plan to use the extra money raised for community programs and to help folks in need in East Lubbock.