LUBBOCK, Texas — Someone spray painted “KKK” on the windows of a Lubbock art gallery. Leann Lamb-Vines said she found the vandalism on her shop late Thursday morning.

The gallery is located not too far from 19th Street and Avenue Q.

There have been instances of broken windows before. But Lamb-Vines thinks this might have been different. She said she posted strong feelings on Facebook about the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

Image courtesy of Leann Lamb-Vines

She did try to file a police report Thursday before cleaning up the windows. But police were tied up at the time, so she felt like she needed to go ahead and remove the spray paint without filing the police report.

When asked what she might say to the person or persons who spray painted her windows with KKK, she responded, “I wouldn’t say anything to them.”

“I don’t know there’s anything I could say. I’m sorry you’re in such a bad place,” Lamb-Vines said.

Updated: Lamb-Vines withdrew her previous statement that there had been bullet holes in the windows in the past. She believes they were shot out previously with BBs.