LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock mother is asking questions Wednesday after her 2-year-old child escaped a daycare.

Kailey Vasquez, mother of 2-year old Kielan Williams, said her child was at recess at Teacher’s Touch Daycare in the 5200 block of 75th Street when he escaped the property.

Kielan then wandered into a surrounding neighborhood where a good Samaritan saw the child and called the police.

“There wasnt a lock on the gate… I dont even know how long he was out,” Vasquez said.

She also says that there was over 10 kids outside and only two teachers watching all children.

“I’m already assuming there wasn’t enough eyes out there per kid,” Vasquez said.

Ashley Williams, owner of Teachers Touch Daycare, said once they were notified by the teachers that a student was missing, Williams noticed a near by cop car. It was at that point she realized Kielan had escaped and was in the safe care of the police.

“We immediately notified the parents and licensing agencies,” Williams said. “We have since alerted all of our students’ parents as well.”

Vasquez, in a panic, picked up her child and took him home where he then was in his mother’s care.

“No more daycares. I know, it was an accident,” Vasquez said. “But my son could have gotten picked up, my son could have got hit by a car. Anything, the worst thing that anything could have happened to him.”

Williams said the daycare is implementing action plans.

“We currently have 16 cameras on site, but we will be increasing the total number to include just additional views of the playgrounds and different things like that,” Williams said. “We’ve closed down that secondary playground until an additional gated area can be installed. In the meantime, all exits have been checked. And additionally, and we’ve added additional child locks to the exits.”

Williams also said that they are cooperating with all regulatory agencies regarding this incident.

2-year-old Kielan is home safe and sound, and his mother said this should have never happened.