An investigation is underway in the death of 27 year old Aaron Palmer who died after he was found unconscious while working in an attic recently.

He was a father of a five year old boy, and a husband. Palmer also has other family members in the Lubbock area.

Palmer’s sister, Heather Wilson says he was new to the AC business, but that he was more experienced in plumbing and that the family was proud of his new position.

“You’re proud of them you’re learning something new your growing.. you know hes been a plumber for years, hes got all this time and all the work in, hes worked his rear end off for it.” said Wilson.

Wilson says that she has struggled to comprehend her brother’s death, and that there are still a lot of missing answers to what happened.

“I’m sure in a lot of our minds we think, ‘Ooh well that can’t happen to me.. especially my 27 year old little brother.’ You know.. like what happened? You don’t automatically think heat exhaustion.”

Injury attorney Stephen Stewart, out of Austin, Texas, is representing the Palmer family and says that OSHA has released new regulations for ‘working in confined spaces’ and he’s working to see if those regulations were met during this incident.

“What we’re all about is making sure that this was not a preventable death, we need to look at, review and evaluate every piece of evidence to make sure that Aaron Palmer did not die,” said Stewart. “When this could have been prevented that this widow and this five year old child didn’t have to endure, what they have to endure for a lifetime.”

Local AC worker, Mike Tyson with Hart Air Conditioning, says that some attics can get up to 160 degrees, and that his workers always work in pairs when in attics.

“In an attic, you can be fine one minute, and then the next.. you need to get out..and if you’re not watching that, if you’re concentrating on your job and you’re not paying attention to how your body feels,” said Tyson. “It can happen in just a matter of minutes and you’re in trouble” said Tyson.

Aaron Palmer was working at Lowery AC when he died, and started work in June. Lowery released a statement today: ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the Palmers during this time.”