LUBBOCK, Texas — A Smyer family is searching for a blood stem cell transplant for their 3-year-old daughter, Ruby. 

Ruby’s mother, Rebbekah Benevedes said she adopted Ruby when she was four days old, and found out she has sickle cell anemia at her week old checkup.

“It was very overwhelming and kind of devastating just thinking about what kind of life she’s gonna have,” Benevedes said. 

Benevedes said Ruby has been admitted to the hospital 24 times, but that could all change, if they find Ruby a match. 

“It would mean everything to us,” Benevedes said. “There’s nothing that could compare to the joy we would have for just finding a cure for her.”

Benevedes said her family partnered with Be The Match, an organization that helps find donors for people with life-threatening blood cancers. 

Barbara Klein, an advocate for Be The Match, said she is so passionate about helping the Benevedes family because it was not too long ago she was in their exact place.

“I was a mother out on the streets begging for my son’s life,” Klein said. 

Klein said she urges people to sign up to receive the cheek swab kit, and see if they are a match for Ruby, or anyone else in need of a donor. 

“People have something running through their body that could save someone else’s life,” Klein said.”Why not.”

If you would like to sign up to receive a swab kit, or join Ruby’s registry, head over to the link below: