Whether you were huddled in the Lubbock County Courthouse on Monday evening waiting for Randy Rogers or you had to flee Mackenzie Park Tuesday night when fireworks were canceled, it looks like mother nature had her reign this week. 

4th on Broadway Director, Colee Orf said last night they were determined to get fireworks into the air no matter what, but the storms worsened and everyone had to be escorted out for safety. She’s asking for everyone to have patience, and understanding as they decide what to do.

“It’s stressful because I want to be able to give people answers, everyone is really disappointed and we are working on trying to see if maybe we can reschedule it, we aren’t sure and it’s up in the air but we will let everyone know as soon as possible,” Orf said.

An eighteen minute planned show, bigger than years in the past, Orf said they were initially planning to have the firework show early but the storm moved in quicker than anticipated.

“Weather changed in an instant and we wanted everyone to be safe as they were so far from their cars,”Orf said.

4th on Broadway is also working on refunding people for the Randy Rogers concert on Monday night, they encourage everyone to hold on to their red wrist bands, and monitor their website as well as their Facebook.

“We don’t want to leave anyone high and dry and we are working out a refund process and figuring out how to go about it because some people purchased their tickets at the gate,” Orf said.