The Garza County Sheriff’s department said 60 dogs were rescued after an anonymous caller lead them to a puppy mill bust outside of Post, Texas.

“She just bred them and bred them. It’s all for a profit deal,” Sheriff Terry Morgan, of Garza County said. 

Sheriff Morgan said a total of 51 Yorkshire Terriers, nine mixed breed dogs, four cats and a bird were all found living in unimaginable conditions.

“The dogs were in the home completely turned loose. They weren’t caged. Some had tumors, some had babies. We found one baby dying,” Sheriff Morgan said.

All of the dogs were removed and are currently in custody of both the city of Post and Garza County.

“I saw feces and urine all over the floor. The dogs that came to me were sliding across the floor,” Sheriff Morgan said.

The owner of the animals wasn’t at home when officials arrived so she has yet to be arrested. Sheriff Morgan said they are pursuing animal cruelty charges against the owner.

The state of Texas doesn’t have a law about puppy mills according to Sheriff Morgan.

“So I looked into federal laws and the federal law said it has to be a commercial operation and this is privately owned operation, so it doesn’t follow the guidelines,” Sheriff Morgan said.

The owner has until July 30th to appeal. If she doesn’t then all of the pets will be turned over to the Post Animal Refuge Center.

Post Animal Refuge Center said they will be vetting all of the animals including spaying and neutering. The Center said they will also be tending to all of the needs of the dogs since several of them were injured, blind or had special needs.

Once all of the dogs are healthy the Refuge Center said they will be finding these pets forever homes.

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