A 24-year-old Levelland man decided to make the traditional “funeral hearse” a little unique.
“When people see it they say ‘that’s the way I want to go out’ there’s just no question about it,”Derek Dunn, the owner of Black Diamond Limousine and Hearse Service said.
Dunn said the hearse took him about three months to build. He decided to paint it red instead of the traditional black because he thinks it represents people with outgoing personalities.
“We cater to the bikers and the thing about this hearse is it’s completely costume. We’ve got graphics for firefighters, bikers, military and Marines. We can do anything they ask, it’s for anybody,” Dunn said.
He said he just finished the hearse four weeks ago and has already gained a lot of attention on it.
“I haven’t really put it out there anywhere. But I did come down to the local funeral home and said ‘I have this to offer in two weeks, we had already done two funerals.’ I just couldn’t believe something like this would become a hit that fast,” Dunn said.
Pricing is different per service but Dunn said it usually ranges around $450.00 for in town services.