Are you prepared for severe weather season?


LUBBOCK, Texas — It’s severe weather season, and no secret that West Texans see their share of rain, flooding, hail and tornadoes. And Saturday, May 11, marks the 49th anniversary of the Lubbock tornado that cost 26 people their lives. 

Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator, Clint Thetford, said with the volume of severe weather our region experiences, it is vital that people have a plan of action, especially if a tornado is headed their way. 

“If your home is hit by a tornado,” Thetford said. “Then you would need to be very cautious with electrical lines and natural gas lines that could be leaking.”

Thetford said if you are in your home, to hide in an interior room that has no windows. Also, make sure electronic devices are charged in case you lose power. 

“Put as many walls between you and the outside as you can,” Thetford said. “And seek shelter if you don’t have a basement or a designated storm shelter.”

Thetford said above all, it is important to be prepared and know warning signs to lookout for. 

“That watch means the conditions are favorable for formation of that type of weather in your area,” Thetford said. “If you get a warning you need to pay close attention, determine where that storm is moving in your direction and if it is then take shelter.”

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