As Lubbock Police enforce juvenile curfew, local boxing gym welcomes teens


With Lubbock Police enforcing the curfew for juveniles to limit vehicle break-ins, the Lubbock Boxing Club welcomes any kids who want to become the best version of themselves. 

“I’m cheaper than a therapist, you know, you can release it here. It’s fun. You create that family atmosphere,” said Rosie Barker, the owner of Lubbock Boxing Club. “We’re here for you, you can hit these bags as hard as you want. No problem. Nobody’s going to be mad at you.”

28-year-old Daniel Martinez said he’s been a member for 6 years and the gym has taught him everything from discipline to self-respect. 

“It taught me to stay focused to not really think. You have to feel what is good and what is right,” said Martinez.

According to the gym, they welcome kids of all ages. Barker said the youngest member is 5-years-old and the oldest is 62. 

“They’re very focused, you know, you just see it,” Barker said. “It’s a true blessing, that’s for sure.”

Martinez said the sport is great for young kids who are getting mixed with the wrong crowd, like his younger brother. 

“He is locked up. He was hanging out with the bad people,” Martinez said. “If I would have probably tried to get him into this, he would probably not be where he is right now.”

Martinez said he plans to bring him to the boxing gym once he gets out.

“There’s better things than to go out with friends and do the bad things. There’s this. It helps you out, not just focus, but get physically, mentally, better,” said Martinez. 

Kids have to be home from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Police said if kids are caught past curfew, both the parent and the minor can get a citation. 


You can find the Lubbock Boxing Club here

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