A local Atheist group has requested to give the invocation at an upcoming City of Lubbock council meeting.

“Ours is going to be about how we need to work together and how we need to consider all minority view points when making decisions,” Tracey Benefield, the PR director for a local Atheist group said. 

Benefield said they are already on the schedule for January. 

David Wilson, a Senior Pastor for Southcrest Baptist church said if the Atheist group led the ceremony then it wouldn’t be considered an invocation. 

“Whatever they do it wont be an invocation because an invocation by definition is asking for the presence of a Deity,” Wilson said.

Mayor Dan Pope released this statement:

“A member of the Lubbock Atheist Community has requested to offer the invocation prior to an upcoming City Council meeting. We are evaluating this request and our existing policy regarding selection of who provides the invocation to open our council meetings,” Mayor Pope said.