Cases of bed bugs across the South Plains have increased nearly 500% in the past year. Bug Tech said the reason for several of these cases is due to traveling.
“Mainly you’re going to get them a lot in traveling in big social areas or anywhere you set your bags down. They jump on you through baggage and through clothes. It’s really where a lot of traveling happens, through airports and hotel rooms and other places like that,” Chase McDonald, a Business Development Manager at Bug Tech said.
Bug Tech said the majority of the bugs are picked up when people are traveling to and from hotels and airports. They said the best way to defend yourself is to make sure you double check all your items.
“These bugs don’t judge, they will go after you, they will go after me, as long as they can get that blood they’re fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s really nice big homes, you can see them there or you can see them in the lower income homes,” McDonald said.
With the amount of cases increasing in Lubbock, he said right now Bug Bed requests are 50% of their overall work.
“That’s kinda what we specialize in, most is bed bugs believe it or not. I know a lot of people keep quiet about it because it’s nothing you want to brag about,” McDonald said.
Bug Tech said you can search the mattress for a little bug. If you believe you have bed bugs, you can reach out to Bug Tech for a free estimate.