Blue Light Emergency Phones provide extra security to Texas Tech campus


LUBBOCK, Texas — Blue Light Emergency Phones on Texas Tech University campus have been around for over 10 years. These phones are available for anyone to use at anytime to increase safety and security.

There are over 120 emergency phones strategically spaced out throughout campus, according to the TTU Police department.

“If anyone needs assistance with police, fire or EMS they can push the button and it will go directly to the dispatch center, who will answer the call and decide what type of emergency you have.” said TTUPD Administrative Captain Amy Ivey.

According to Ivey, the bright blue lights on top of the phones will strobe as a crime deterrent.

“I see them all around campus,” student Kathleen Gutierrez said. “And some are stretched out, but I see them most of the time.”

Ivey said that the emergency phones are not used as often as they used to be, as technology has now evolved and most students just use their phones to call 911.

“I think they are really good to have on campus,” Gutierrez said. “I think it is one of the safest things [on campus].”

Ivey said anyone on campus who sees someone suspicious following them or feels threatened can push the light and TTUPD will send an officer out.

“We’ll send an officer to every blue light button that is pushed, no matter what,” Ivey said.

To see where all the blue lights are placed on campus, view the maps here.

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