Buffalo Springs Lake hosted its monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday to vote on some changes they would like to make to the community.
Several residents of the lake gathered to defend Lake Manager Warren Johnson, whose job was at the top of the agenda. 
“They put they were going to discuss his employment, and they shouldn’t have done that because they were going to talk about it during the executive meeting,” Greg Lewis, a resident of Buffalo Springs Lake, said.
The board voted at the start of the meeting to discuss the fate of Johnson’s job behind closed doors. Ultimately, they voted 4-1 to terminate him.
“He’s one of the best managers we’ve had out here in a long time. It’s just the board is trying to micromanage him,” Johnny Stone, a resident of Buffalo Springs Lake, said.  
The board also passed a gate increase with a 4- 2 vote. Board members said this is a modest increase to the gate prices, but neighbors disagree. 
“They’re going to price themselves out of business,” Stone said. 
The Board said the new prices will go into effect February 1, 2018. For a full updated list of those prices, click HERE.