Burglars Mark Homes with Blue Tape


A Lubbock woman warning her neighbors after two men placed blue tape on her door early Wednesday afternoon. 

The homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said it all started with a call from her 13-year-old daughter. The girl was home alone when she heard a knock on the door. She said the knocks and doorbell rings continued for more than 20 minutes, and got more aggressive. 

The scared teenager called her mom who told her daughter to stay on the phone and give her a description of the man outside. 

They told us the man was Caucasian or light skinned Hispanic, about 5’10” tall, wearing glasses and dressed in nice clothes, a button-up dress shirt and dress pants.

The homeowner said she told her daughter to go upstairs and look through a window for a car. She did not see a car, but she saw another man in the backyard peeking through windows. 

She described that suspect as a black male also 5’10” tall, wearing more casual clothes and a backpack.

When the mother returned home she found a blue piece of tape was placed at the bottom of her front door. A friend of hers, who works for the Lubbock Sheriff’s Department, said the tape is used by burglars to tell if a person has come and gone. 

The woman immediately called police and told them about her situation. Then she said she went door-to-door around her Meadow-Preston Smith neighborhood. 

One of her neighbor’s said they had a similar interaction with the duo just a few days before. Thankfully, they had surveillance camera footage of the men. The first homeowner’s daughter confirmed the same men in the surveillance footage are the ones she saw. 

The homeowner said the police also had her check her daughter’s car, since the trespassers were also in the family’s garage and could have taken a house key or garage door owner, to gain access to the home in the future. The homeowner said the garage door opener was found, but the family is still on edge.  

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