California signs law allowing student athletes to legally be paid


LUBBOCK, Texas — The issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid has long been debated, and now California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has signed a law that will allow athletes to legally get paid.

The “Fair Pay to Play Act,” will go into effect at the start of 2023. Governor Newsom said this law will allow athletes to profit from endorsements outside of their school.

Texas Tech Sports Media Professor, Jody Roginson, said this now puts pressure on other states and the NCAA to find a solution.

“We knew this was coming, we have to make changes,” Roginson said. “Now there’s a clock at the end and that clock says it’s gotta happen by 2023.”

Roginson said we could start seeing some proposed solutions at the end of October, when the NCAA’s Board of Governors meet and will review a federal law presented by an Ohio U.S. representative.

“Patrick Mahomes’ jersey when he’s here it’s one thing that he’s getting scholarship, training, all the things that allow him to be great,” Roginson said. “But now Texas Tech is still making money off of his jersey, it seems unfair. Somehow they’ve got to figure out a way that makes it fair for all of those colleges.”

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