Case of man sued for a bad online review ends 5 years after it started


LUBBOCK, Texas — Around five years ago, Lubbock resident Tim Castleman, hired an Irish company to help further his business. After working together, he claims the Irish company had made errors that would cost him.

After trying and failing to deal with the issue privately, Castleman wrote a bad review of the company online. The Irish company sued him.

However, when the case finally went to court, Castleman said he never received notice of the court date and the lawsuit defaulted to the Irish company.

Castleman lost money, his business, and his properties in this lawsuit and was stuck waiting on the Court of Appeals to give him a court date so he could share his side of the story.

But Castleman and his lawyer’s request to the Court of Appeals was denied twice.

“I’ve thought about it ever since I lost my money and my property. And you think maybe there is this flickering of hope, that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and to realize that’s not there is pretty demoralizing,” said Castleman.

With this latest denial, Castleman’s only hope now to continue fighting this case is to file it with the Texas Supreme Court, something he doesn’t plan on doing.

“I just don’t have the desire to continue this anymore and what I’m focusing on now is having to effectively end my old life of 42 years and begin anew,” said Castleman.

He said when he got an email from his lawyer, with the subject line ‘We’ve come to the end of the road’ — he knew it was over. Now, he is choosing to do his best to start again.

“What I have found is that your happiness has to come from inside and it has to come from you because that’s the only thing that cant’ be taken. I mean they can take all my money all my property but they can’t take my soul they can’t take my spirit,” said Castleman.

While this case behind him, Castleman hopes, for the first time in at least 5 years, to find and focus on what makes him happy.

“Now I have a story, I have a starting point again and I have the opportunity and the gift to do what not many people get to do, and that is to be able to start over and say ‘Okay now what do you really want?'” said Castleman.

Castleman said he plans to start the bankruptcy process and once that is finalized, he will be officially cleared of the case.

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