The Lubbock City Council voted Thursday to allow dogs back on pet-friendly restaurant patios within city limits.
In August, the City of Lubbock Health Department enforced a rule only allowing service dogs to be at places that offer food, but locals spoke up to fight that. 
“People like to take their dogs places, especially college students. It’s like their first baby so they take them everywhere,” Tommy Bonner, the owner of Bier Haus, said.  
There are some rules dog owners need to follow. They can only bring their dogs to places that clearly state dogs are allowed. Dogs must remain on leashes and cannot interact with items used to serve food. 
“Prior to us not being able to not have dogs, on any given Saturday or Sunday, there would be 10-15 dogs out on the patio,” Bonner said. 
Here are a list of places that allow dogs on their patios.