City leaders officiate Golf Cart Awareness Month

Lubbock, TX - After Luke Siegel's golf cart accident shook the town in July 2015, his father Tim Siegel made it his mission to prevent it from happening to anyone else. He talked with Mayor Dan Pope and city council and they agreed to have July Golf Cart Awareness Month.

"This is an epidemic all over the country," said Tim Siegel, "I'm the executive director now of Team Luke Help for Minds for where we help families with children who suffer brain injury. Unfortunately, we've seen and helped a lot of families already that have had ATV golf cart type accidents."

He wants the month of July to be a time to talk about what makes golf carts so dangerous. 

 "We see this time and time again. There are more ATV and golf cart type accidents during July 4th than there were firecracker accidents," said Siegel. 

He said golf cart and ATV accidents can be prevented with parent supervision. 

"Kids are driving them everywhere. This is almost a substitute for bikes or walking," said Siegel, "My son was on a golf cart at a friend's house with no supervision and a golf cart that probably should not have been driven. Definitely should have not been driven by children."

So from now on, the month of July will be Golf Cart Awareness Month in Lubbock in an effort to tell Luke's story. 

"If I can help a family in this area, I'm grateful. I feel a responsibility. A passion to help families, but also help them become more aware of the dangers and the concerns of modified golf carts," said Siegel. 

You can read Luke's story here: https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/kamc-news/one-year-later-luke-siegels-family-reflects-on-golf-cart-accident-lukes-recovery/519201506

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