Covenant Children’s Report: National Dental Hygiene Month


“The big message to the parents is take an active role in your children’s oral health….Limit the sweets, limit the soft drinks, the things that can really damage their teeth, and take an active role in their oral health care too, making sure that they are properly brushing, flossing – that needs to be started as soon as possible.” 

One big misconception is that children’s baby teeth will fall out eventually so it isn’t important to take good care of them, but this belief can actually lead to oral health issues later in life.

“Those baby teeth are there for a reason. For obviously function for the children but also to help them keep space for those permanent teeth as they grow. If they lose a baby tooth early, a lot of that space collapses and they don’t have room for the permanent teeth so it is very important to take care of the teeth.”

That’s why dentist’s recommend that children start getting oral check ups as young as one year old. That way you can prevent issues early on as well as set up life long habits of good oral health.

“Just understand that it is something that has to be overseen by the parent.

Make sure that your kids are brushing their teeth twice daily, once when they wake up and once when they go to bed, and flossing regularly. And with the many treats that kiddos will be collecting at the end of the month, it is extremely important to stress these habits regularly.

Dr. William Parker also recommended that if parents can afford it, to invest in a battery operated toothbrush for your kids because they tend to be a bit more effective. 

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