Covenant Pediatric Physical Therapist helps children live life better


Lumpy Ball is the father of 7 year old Rielyn Ball. He tells us she was born with “Pachygyri which means she doesn’t have wrinkles in her brain essentially and it causes delayed learning and delayed development that comes along with the dystonia which is the positioning you see in her hands.” He and his daughter attend therapy at Covenant three days a week, doing two sessions of Occupational Therapy, two sessions of Physical Therapy and one session of Speech Therapy. Mr. Ball explains how he figured out the type of pain his daughter was in, “I was lucky to have found out on an emergency call that dystonia causes severe muscle cramps and discomfort and we found out that was happening to her and the therapy has really alleviated a lot of those issues where she screams out, so it definitely has it’s benefits.”

Her Physical Therapist, Annalisa Riggins, has a special bond with Rielyn.  She tells us what she does that helps out Rielyn.  “We work a lot on her stretching her out and helping her be more flexible.”  And because of their bond, therapy doesn’t feel like a chore for Rielyn. Riggins says, “for a child, their job is play.  If we can incorporate play into those exercises and so they are doing those exercises but they don’t see it as that, they see it as fun.”  Because of the tightness in Rielyn’s muscles, the Physical Therapy helps Rielyn in her day to day life. Mr. Ball says, “you see here that the therapists really work with her to keep the most normal positioning and for comfort and life so she is able to sit in chairs and lay down properly.”

The bond between Annalisa and Rielyn is hard to miss.  Mr. Ball says, “she’s excited to come to therapy you can tell it brightens up her face.  I pick her up from school and she knows if I pick her up this is where we are coming so she kicks her legs and coo’s and talks, it’s a highlight for her.” 

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