Death Investigation of Frenship, TTU Grad Continues


New details are now emerging in the death investigation of Green Beret Sergeant Logan Melgar regarding criminal activity of the two Navy SEALs who are the persons-of-interest in this case.

Sources within the special-operations community shared with the Daily Beast that Melgar had caught two Navy Seals stealing money from funds used to pay informants. When the SEALs offered him a cut of the deal, he declined. 

On the morning of June 4, 2017, the Navy SEALs-turned suspects said Melgar had lost consciousness and stopped breathing, and that he had been drunk. However, officials familiar with the case told the Daily Beast that the autopsy showed no drugs or alcohol could be traced in his system.

Walter Huffman, a former major general and current Texas Tech law professor, said he believes the article to be mostly speculation, but that moving forward, officials will not try to rule Melgar’s death as either murder, gross negligence or as negligent homicide.

“Going forward, they will try to determine what kind of culpability should be assigned, if any, to this death and by culpability, I mean, was it really a criminal act or was it simply, really a tragic accident?” said Huffman.

Melgar was a graduate of both Frenship High School and Texas Tech. 

The investigation remains ongoing.

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