District 19 Republican Debate Responses Disappointing Members Of LGBT Community

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Following Tuesday night’s debate for the House of Representatives District 19 seat there is mixed reaction about candidates responses on the topic of gender choice.

Nine candidates taking turns answering a series of questions regarding the role of religion in the government and addressing topics like same-sex marriage, abortion and constitutional rights.

Several answers to one question however, not sitting well with some District 19 constituents and LGBT community members.

The group of republicans responding to the question: What is your moral conviction on the matter of gender choice?

“We are born a specific gender… children you’ll see a little boy wearing mom’s shoes or little girl wearing dad shoes, that’s just normal experimenting behavior. But the problem we have right now is that the President of the United States is trying to block people that are confused from getting help, psychiatric help, counseling and such,” responded Dr. Donald May.

“I believe if people continue to have these problems we need to protect the public from them,” continued Dr. May. “They should not be allowed to use washrooms, showers, so forth and they should have use private facilities.”

Tony Thorton is president of PFLAG Lubbock, a local nonprofit advocating for lesbians, gays and transgenders in the community. Thorton said he’s disappointed with the candidates responses.

“They’re talking Republican platform and they don’t seem to care or think what this might do to a young transgender person or a young gay person who is struggling with their sexual identity,” said Thorton.

Here’s what other candidates responded with:

“I agree with Dr. May that it’s a mental disorder that someone should seek treatment for,” said Jason Corley.

“I believe you’re born man or female,” said Mayor Glen Robertson. “I do not believe in gender transition.”
To listen to the other responses watch our additional video.

“It just appalled me that these smart educated people doctors, retired surgeons, they know better and are still calling it a mental defect or that we have a choice,” said Thorton.

This was the first debate held in Lubbock with all nine republican candidates vying for U.S. Representative Congressman Randy Neugebauer’s position.

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