Dove season starts September 1, here’s how to get and renew your license


LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Parks and Wildlife has been busy for dove season, which starts September 1.

“Tomorrow is going to start with a bang and dove season is one of the first species that you can legally hunt,” said Aaron Sims, Lieutenant game warden at Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Hunters will be able to hunt for morning doves, white doves and white tipped doves. However, before anything there are rules and regulations that they need to follow.

“If you want to go hunting or fishing you have to renew your license.” Sims said.

Sims said before a person can get or renew their hunting license every year, they have to complete a Hunter Education Course.

“[In the course], we go over a lot of important details, zone of fire, what is a safe shot, how should you safely carry your firearm, how should you safely unload it and discharge it,” Sims said, “and ethical things like how to respect an animal.”

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife, hunters are only allowed to hunt 30 minutes prior to sunrise and up until sunset. Each person is only allowed to hunt 15 doves per day.

“In our area, if you end up bagging a dove you might notice some things like frost bite, missing toes, and skin discoloration and that’s ok,” Sims said. “It is not going to affect the meat. It will still be good meat.”

Sims asked that all who hunt or are interested in hunting to get their licenses and always make sure to renew them.

“You can actually show your hunting license through the Texas Outdoor Annual app on your phone. All you have to do is enter your information so it will be available,” Sims said.

You can find out more about hunting and hunting licenses at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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