A family in Lubbock County walked outside to find more than 30 of their hens slaughtered to death by a pack of dogs. 
“I had a total of 35 hens, and I had four or five that survived the attack. The rest are laying out here, and I will have to dispose of them,” Jenese Lisenbee, the owner of the hens, said. 
Lisenbee said Lubbock County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the call. Lisenbee said they left it up to her to decided if the dogs should be put down.
“I didn’t have the heart to put the dogs down. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. So, the dogs did go back to the neighbors, and they said they would pay me back for the hens,” Lisenbee said. 
LSO said if a person sees a dog attacking their livestock in the county, they have the right to kill them.