New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees came to Lubbock specifically to support the Team Luke Hope for Minds foundation by participating in a benefit dinner. 

More than 160 tables were sold for the event that was held at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Wednesday evening. 

Guests attended dinner that was followed by a live raffle, silent auction, and discussion portion with the quarterback. There was a VIP event where donors had a chance to meet one-on-one with Brees.

“I understand that I have a great position as a quarterback in the NFL to make a positive impact in the lives of a lot of people,” Brees said. “I take that responsibility very seriously and just try to do what I can for a lot of different causes.” 

The Siegel family has formed a relationship with the successful quarterback in recent years. After Luke’s golf cart accident in 2015, Brees was made aware of Luke’s story and sent Luke a letter with an autograph to show his support. From there, he has kept in contact with Luke’s family and stayed updated on Luke’s progress. 

“Just to see his reactions when I’m able to talk and communicate with him,” Brees said. “Tim (Luke’s father) sends me updates with his rehabilitation and recovery. To watch that progress and everything that’s taken place, it’s been one of those journeys I feel like we’ve all been on together here.”

Tim Siegel said all of the proceeds from the event will directly go towards the foundation. He said this will support other families that have a child with an acquired brain injury, like Luke. 

Find more information on the Team Luke foundation here