FDA recalls several brands of tattoo ink


LUBBOCK, Texas — Hundreds of people in the Hub City get tattoos almost daily, and depending on where you go, you run the risk of getting an infection, or worse, being injected with ink that could potentially be contaminated. 

The Food and Drug Administration has recalled several types of tattoo ink over concern that they could be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. 

Six inks manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color, and Color Art all could potentially be contaminated. 

Majority of these inks in the recall are not used by shops in Lubbock, however, according to a local distributor, there are a few that use Dynamic Color Ink

Noel Mendoza, a local tattoo artist, said recalls like these prove his point that you should do your homework before you get a tattoo, and research the ink, as well as read reviews on both the shop and the artist. 

“Study your artist, look at the work they do,” Mendoza said. “This is going on your body for the rest of your life, you really want to put 110 percent into picking an artist.”

Lacy Jo Mendoza, a tattoo artist with Flamingo Ink, said you can always ask your artist what kind of ink they are using, and make sure it is not on the recall list. 

‘It got out pretty quickly,” Bradshaw said. “Most artists in the United States are aware of this, if anybody did have contaminated ink, I’m sure they let their clients know.”

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